• What To Do If Your Neighbour Complains About Your Tree

    Trees on your property can bring you a number of benefits, such as shade on hot days, increased privacy and more wildlife visiting your garden. You may love having a tall tree in your yard and it can help you feel closer to nature when you're relaxing outdoors, but what if your neighbour doesn't love your tree quite as much as you? While there's no requirement for you to pay any attention to your neighbours' grumbling about your tree unless it's causing damage to their property, you may want to try and come to an amicable resolution to prevent your relationship from turning sour.
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  • Three Pet Friendly Weed Control Solutions

    When it comes to loving a pet, the old saying is that man's best friend is a dog. This saying is well represented in Australia as almost 50% of homes contain a canine friend. However, dog ownership is more than just dog park playdates and keeping your pet clean and fed. It is essential your property is dog-proofed to ensure their safety. A dog loves to spend time in the backyard, but how do you address weed control in a safe way that won't harm your pet?
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