Three Pet Friendly Weed Control Solutions

Posted on: 16 February 2022

When it comes to loving a pet, the old saying is that man's best friend is a dog. This saying is well represented in Australia as almost 50% of homes contain a canine friend. However, dog ownership is more than just dog park playdates and keeping your pet clean and fed. It is essential your property is dog-proofed to ensure their safety. A dog loves to spend time in the backyard, but how do you address weed control in a safe way that won't harm your pet? Here are three pet-friendly weed control solutions for you to consider.

Manual Removal

This labour-intensive weed control solution ensures no chemical use in your backyard. However, it is also the most back-breaking solution offered as it is very labour-intensive. A visit to your local hardware store reveals garden tools designed to help you manually pull weeds while remaining upright. These tools work on a push and twist motion. Firstly, you push the device into the ground over the weed. Secondly, you twist the tool to rotate the weed and remove all parts, including the roots. If your backyard has a few weeds, this is one option. However, if your yard is full of weeds and you want it manually cleared, hire a garden service company to perform this task for you.

Boiling Water

The next pet-friendly weed control solution involves boiling the kettle or a large pot of water. Boiling water poured onto weeds instantly kills them by cooking the plant (including the roots) in the ground. There are a couple of pitfalls to the boiling water solution though. Firstly, if you cannot hold a container of hot water steady, do not try this method as you can quickly get burned. Secondly, boiling water kills the weed and all plants in its vicinity if the hot water splashes. Instead, consider using a garden service to spray hot water using a spray pack. These packs have a poly wand and nozzle, directing the water to specific weed plants.

Non-Chemical Treatment

If you are keen to leave weed control to the experts, ask your contracted garden service provider to use a non-chemical treatment in your backyard. Natural weed killers may contain everyday ingredients such as salt, vinegar or dish soap. These products are specifically designed for use at homes where pets and children frequently play in the backyard. They are a safe, effective solution to your weed control needs.

For more information on weed control, contact a professional near you.


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