When Trees Attack Your Home: Why You Should Remove the Tree Encroaching on Your Home

Posted on: 8 June 2017

Trees can benefit a property in numerous ways. Not only do they lower the ambient air temperature by 10-20 degrees, but they also help a property stand out throughout the changing of the seasons. In spring, they light up the surroundings with blossoms, in summer, they glow a radiant green, in autumn, they become awash with fiery colours, and in winter their nakedness offers more of a sleepy quality.

However, trees near homes are not always beneficial. As the years go by, a tree that was once a valuable part of the landscape can grow to become a threat to your home.

If you are concerned about what a tree in close proximity to your home might mean in terms of damage, you should evaluate the risks before making a decision on whether to remove the tree or not.

Overhanging Branches Reduce a Roof's Lifespan

Trees that tower over shingle roofs can cause damage in a number of ways. Leaves will eventually clog up the guttering, possibly causing water to pool on your roof in heavy rain. This will put a huge strain on the roof and could even cause a severe leak. In addition, the shady conditions under the tree's canopy provide ideal conditions for moss to thrive. Moss pulls the shingles up and leaves your home susceptible to leaks via the roof.

Trees Touching Your Home Can Bring Termites

Termites on the look out for a meal could use the tree as a means of gaining entry to your home via the roof. Carpenter ants too could also travel along the tree's branches to feast on the wooden structure of your roof. Undetected, these pests could cause your roof to collapse in a few years.

Branches Can Damage Siding in Windy Conditions

Lengthy branches that are within touching distance of your home's siding will become a major risk in windy conditions. After a storm, you might be shocked to find that your siding has been shredded by branches due to the windy conditions.

A Storm Could Push the Tree into Your House

Even if the tree close to your home appears to be sturdy and healthy, in stormy weather it could come crashing down onto your home. Even if it doesn't smash your home, the branches could rip through the roof and siding bringing rainwater into your home.

Losing a tree that has meant so much to you over the years is difficult, but if it means saving your home and saving yourself tons of money, you should consider removing it. Call an arborist to help you assess the situation. If you are reluctant to remove the tree, perhaps a professional can prune the tree for you so that it is less of a risk to your home.


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