Why Now Is A Great Time To Get That Dead Tree Removed

Posted on: 6 October 2021

Tree removal is an essential service that can protect homes from damage, increase the value of your property and free up space for you to do with it as you would like. A lot of people mistakenly assume that all they need is a heavy crowbar and perhaps an axe to take down a tree, but that is a huge simplification of what is really a complex task. Here are a few reasons why you should always use a tree removal service, and why now is the best time to get that dead tree removed from your property.

Don't Try It On Your Own

To start with, you should always use a tree removal service because doing this task on your own is quite dangerous. Trees are large, unwieldy objects that may react differently to what you expect, and if they fall badly, they can break buildings, vehicles and even bones if you or your livestock happen to get in the way. It is simply not worth the risk, and once you have that tree down what are you going to do with it anyway? Tree removal services have all the tools you need to turn that tree into mulch. 

Spring Is The Perfect Time To Plant New Vegetation

Whether you want to replace the area where your tree was with more grass or you want to put in a whole new tree, spring is the time to do it. This time of year is milder than summer, while still offering plenty of rain and humidity which help all forms of vegetation take root. If you wait until the height of summer, you could still get the tree removed, but trying to get anything to survive in the harder, dryer ground it leaves behind will be very challenging indeed.

Fire Hazard

If you have a larger or more rural property, then a dead tree is more than just an ugly sight; it is a fire hazard too. Not only can it be a rod for lightning strikes which can cause spot fires, but if there is any sort of small or out-of-control bushfire, then a dead tree is the perfect fuel to make it get larger and last longer. Fires in Australia are no joke, and fire prevention and management should be a huge priority for all Australians, so if you have a dead tree, you need to have it removed before summer begins.


How to Care for Your Trees

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