Your Satellite TV or Your Tree: What to do in the Event that Trees Block Your Satellite Signal

Posted on: 8 June 2017

If you have trees in your area and your satellite dish signal is suffering, the trees may be to blame for the weakness of the signal. In winter months, deciduous trees that have shed their leaves may let some signal through. However, in spring and summer months when those trees are in full bloom and growing, if they are to blame, you'll notice a serious reduction in the quality of the signal.

This is a frustrating problem, especially when your favourite series is on TV and all you get is white static. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to this problem.

Have an Arborist Prune the Offending Tree

Take a look out of your window and stand outside in your garden to get a better idea of the dish's direction. This will help you determine which tree or tree limb is causing the interference.

Once you are sure, call an arborist. They'll be able to come out and prune the tree for you. Bear in mind, however, that unless you move the dish in future, the tree may become an issue next spring when it experiences another growth spurt.

Remove the Tree Completely

This is not a decision to be taken lightly, especially as an alternative may be to simply have your satellite service provider move the dish for you. However, some mature trees may need to be removed to allow the satellite signal through. Don't attempt this on your own. Hire a tree removal professional.

Mount Your Satellite Dish on a Pole

Invest some money in a sturdy steel pole and concrete and have your satellite dish provider mount the dish there instead. The beauty of a pole is that you can move it around until you find the ideal spot in your yard or garden. Try to find a service provider that provides this type of custom service.

Mount the Dish at the Highest Point of Your House

Due to the danger involved with climbing up onto your roof, you will be required to pay extra for this service. Some providers won't do it, but others will. If you value your tree, try to find a provider that will mount your dish at the highest point of your house.

The most effective way of avoiding this problem is to examine the area around your house for trees before having a dish installed. If it is winter and deciduous trees in the area are bare, imagine how they will look next spring and keep that in mind when having the dish installed. Also bear in mind that trees grow year on year, so what looks acceptable now might not be in a year. 


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