4 Ways To Put A Tree Stump To Good Use

Posted on: 15 June 2017

When you have a tree removed from your garden, you can choose to have the stump treated with a chemical stump remover, have it removed to below ground level with a grinder or leave it in place. If you choose the latter, the stump doesn't have to be a distracting feature in your garden that serves no purpose. Here are four ways you can put a tree stump to good use:


An old tree stump makes a striking planter and allows for good water drainage through the base of the trunk, so it's ideal for succulents and herbs. You'll need to hollow out the centre of the stump with a mattock, hammer and chisel or mini pickaxe, or you can ask the tree removal company you hired to remove the tree to do this for you. Then, simply fill the hollowed stump with potting mix and sow seeds or transplant young plants.

Mosaic Table

All you need for this project is mosaic tiles, wood glue, grout and a little imagination. Lay the tiles out in any pattern you like on the top of the tree trunk, and once finished you'll have a beautiful table to place potted plants, garden ornaments or a bird feeder on.

Mood Lighting

Do you enjoy using your garden space in the evening? Why not use a tree stump as a candle holder for those summer nights spent stargazing with friends or family. The trunk will need to be hollowed out in the same way you would if making a planter, and you can then insert a large candle into the trunk. If you want to discourage pesky mosquitos from hanging around your barbecue or picnic table, choose candles infused with citronella, lavender or eucalyptus essential oils, which are natural mosquito repellents.

Rustic Seat

Depending on the location of the tree stump, it might make a charming garden seat with a little alteration. There are a few ways you can do this, such as hollowing out a large trunk into seat with a rounded back and arm rests, or upcycling the back of an old dining or rocking chair and attaching it to a small stump to create a unique seat that can be used to relax and enjoy a book or podcast.

These are just a few ways you can turn a tree stump into a useful and attractive garden feature. If you're having a tree removed from your garden, discuss the viability of leaving the stump in place with your chosen tree removal company.    


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