4 Uses For Tree Stump Grindings

Posted on: 21 June 2017

When you have a tree removed from your property, the stump can be removed to below ground level with a grinder. This will leave you with wood chippings that can be disposed of by the tree removal company or put to good use around your garden. Here are four ways you can use tree stump grindings:


Using stump grindings as mulch is an easy and inexpensive way of supressing weeds, retaining moisture around your plants and keeping the soil cool, which delicate young roots will thank you for. Simply spread a layer of stump grindings a few inches deep on top of the soil around your plants. As the stump grindings can be acidic and high in nitrogen, they aren't suitable for use as mulch around vegetable plants, but this type of mulch works well around shrubs and any remaining trees in your garden.

Play Area Surface

If you have a large quantity of stump grindings at your disposal, and you have a children's play area in your garden, the woodchips are ideal for creating a safe play space, as they provide a non-slip surface that will cushion falls. Spread them around swings, at the base of slides or on the surface of a cordoned off area that young children can freely run around in. 

Compost Material

Stump grindings are rich in carbon, and carbon helps break down the contents of your compost bin. It also gives your compost a nutritional boost. Simply use the grindings as the brown layer of organic matter in your bin. Once your compost is ready for use, you can spread it on any plants you like, including vegetable plants, as the acidity of the stump grindings is neutralised during the composting process.


You can use the stump grindings to create a small walkway, such as from your main garden path to the clothesline on your lawn. The woodchips promote good drainage, so you won't have to walk on muddy, squelching grass after a downpour. Simply dig out the outline of your path, lay tarpaulin on top of the soil and cover it with your stump grindings. The tarpaulin prevents weeds growing through the woodchips and can be held in place with decorative boulders.  

These are just a few ways stump grindings can be used in your garden. So, instead of getting rid of them, consider asking your chosen tree removal company to keep them aside for you. You may get lucky and find they have stump grindings from other jobs they are happy to pass on to you rather than dispose of. 


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