Poolside Trees for Privacy and Peace: 3 Pool-Friendly Trees for Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Posted on: 21 June 2017

Your backyard pool area should be a place where you and your family can relax in privacy and peace. However, if your neighbours' second and third floor windows overlook your pool, or there is a steep hill nearby where passersby can look down on your pool, you'll never be able to fully relax. Even a high fence cannot adequately give you the privacy you require since distant buildings and hills may easily tower over them.

If you are frustrated about the lack of privacy around your pool area, you should border your pool with trees.

Which Trees You Should Avoid

It is important that you select your poolside trees carefully. Most trees are incompatible with swimming pools simply because they are too high maintenance. They may provide you with shade, but you could spend more time cleaning up after them than actually enjoying your pool.

Avoid trees with invasive root systems such as the sycamore, ash, eucalyptus and hybrid poplar, as the roots of these trees may work their way toward the pool and damage it. Trees that drop fruit, seeds and leaves throughout the year like poplars, mulberry, and oaks also leave your skimmer working overtime.

If you wish to use trees to create a privacy screen for your pool, choose from the following pool-friendly trees.

The Weeping Fig

This oval shaped tree can be found in many gardens and parks and is prized for the shade provided by its thick but attractive emerald foliage. As the weeping fig grows quickly and retains its leaves all year round, it is perfect for creating a screen for your pool.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Hailing from the Cypress family, this evergreen tree grows up to 14 feet tall and is drought resistant once fully established. While they are slow growers, they require very little maintenance and remain bright and lively throughout the year, living up to the Latin meaning of arborvitae: 'tree of life'.

Deodar Cedar

This native of the Himalayas is the most majestic of these three trees and makes a great addition to a pool area. With a height of 40-70 feet and a spread of 40 feet, several of these trees will provide your pool with more than enough privacy. These trees are also extremely hardy and prefer full-sun conditions. Additionally, these trees don't shed their foliage, and their needles produce pleasant-smelling oil that keeps insects at bay.

Choose your poolside trees wisely at a local wholesale nursery, and in a year or two you could be enjoying your pool without worrying about messy trees and, more importantly, the prying eyes of your neighbours. 


How to Care for Your Trees

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