Answering Some of Your Common Questions About Residential Tree Service

Posted on: 22 June 2017

If you have any trees on your property that are obviously dead or decaying, or which have roots that are tangling around your home's plumbing pipes, it's time to call a tree service company. Trimming back the tree, relocating it, or removing it altogether can protect and enhance your property; in some cases, it can even protect a tree itself. Note a few questions you might have about residential tree service so you can know when this is a needed service for your trees and your property.

How does a tree service help a tree to thrive?

Cutting back thick leaves so that a tree gets lots of sunlight to its interior branches can help it to thrive, and a good tree service professional will know how to do this properly. Such a professional can also examine your property to note if there are other factors that are affecting your tree's health. For example, if the property is not graded properly, this can cause moisture to collect around a tree's roots, causing root rot. A tree may also be affected by pests on your property; this can include termites, gophers, squirrels, and other such animals. A tree service professional will know how to check for all these factors and then ensure your tree is properly cared for so that it thrives.

Why not trim or remove a tree yourself?

Trimming a tree means more than just cutting off branches; you need to cut certain ones to ensure the tree stays healthy, and cut them a certain way so that the tree still gets moisture and oxygen. Removing a tree is also more difficult than you may imagine; a pest infestation in the tree can mean that those pests then infest your property once the tree is removed! A professional can ensure the tree is properly cared for and safely removed.

Isn't tree removal bad for a property?

You may have heard that trees are very good for the health of your property's soil, and this is certainly true, but only if the tree itself is healthy and if the roots are not wrapping around pipes, your home's foundation, and other such underground pieces. The tree may also be collecting too much moisture, making the soil wet and soft. In these cases, a tree service professional can note the best choice for the tree and your property overall; this might include simply relocating it to another spot in your hard, or even replacing it with a better option for your property.


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