When It's Time to Call a Tree Lopping Service

Posted on: 22 June 2017

Mature trees can add lots of beauty to your outdoor space and may even increase your property's overall value. However, you still shouldn't allow a tree on your property to grow without any type of trimming and care; lopping a tree can mean protecting the rest of your property and also ensuring a tree's overall good health. Note when you may want to call a lopping service for a tree, or all the trees, on your property.

Debris in the pool

If your home's pool is always covered in leaves and twigs, you might want to invest in a pool cover, but you might also need tree lopping services; remember that a pool cover only works when you're not using the pool, while trimming back branches from a tree can reduce the amount of debris it loses all the time! In turn, your pool may be cleaner and will suffer less wear and tear on the filter, and you won't need to worry about closing that cover after a swim.

Too close to the garage or house

If a tree on your property is actually making contact with the house, garage or other outbuilding, it's time to trim it back. Not only can those branches easily scratch paint or aluminium siding, but they will also hold moisture against the structure. This can mean water damage to the wood, aluminium, brick and any other surface.

If the branches are not touching the house or garage but are hanging over its roof, you may still want to have them trimmed back; leaves, acorns, seeds, twigs and other debris can easily clog gutters and downspouts. Rainwater may then overflow and collect around the foundation of the structure, causing water damage. The weight of that debris and water that doesn't drain from the gutters can also cause them to pull away from their connectors. To avoid all this potential damage, have the tree branches trimmed.

Other landscaping

If you can't seem to get landscaping on your property to grow, it may be that those mature trees are creating too much shade or pulling too much moisture from the soil. Lopping back some branches or just thinning out the leaves at the top of the tree can allow more sunlight and fresh air to flow through your property, and can also mean that the tree uses less water from your property's soil. This can allow your other vegetation and landscaping to thrive.


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