Fast Growing Trees to Transform Your Garden in No Time

Posted on: 23 June 2017

Trees can be the crowning jewels in a well-cared-for outdoor space, adding height and colours and, of course, providing a bit of natural shade that's often much appreciated in the summer months. One downside to having trees, is that they usually take an awfully long time to grow to any height.

That can be a big frustration if you're planting new trees to transform your garden, or worse still, if you've had to have a beloved old tree removed by a tree service due to damage or disease, and you want to replace it as soon as possible.

Although there's no tree that will settle in and grow tall overnight, there are some species that are quicker than others. Here are some good ones to consider if you're impatient for new trees to grow.

Hybrid poplar

One of the most poplar, fast-growing trees, the hybrid poplar, reaches upward by as much as eight feet every year, eventually stopping at up to 50 feet. Part of the reason for its appeal is that, in addition to its speedy growth, this is a really hardy tree that shouldn't need constant fussing to achieve its potential, and it does well in different conditions. It's not the only poplar that can be considered fast growing, but it's your best bet.


Peaking at around 40 feet and getting closer by around six feet a year, the eucalyptus tree has attractive bark and leaves and will grow into a beautiful shady canopy. Of course, don't forget the famous fragrance! A eucalyptus tree's scent will provide an extra element of appeal in your garden.

American sycamore

Like the eucalyptus, this tree will grow about six feet annually, but some specimens don't stop until they get to a huge 70 feet. American sycamores often grow lovely wide canopies that give you plenty of shade and make a stunning addition to a garden.

Leyland cypress

Often used for hedging and creating shade and privacy, the Leyland cypress is considered a nuisance by some, so it might need careful pruning. The Leyland cypress has thick, lush foliage that extends to the ground, and it achieves a height of up to 70 feet by growing two or three feet a year.

Royal Empress

If you're looking for a tree that gets really big, really fast, this might be for you. In as little as three years, it can reach an astounding 50 feet, helping you achieve your dream tree in hardly any time at all. It also has beautiful, fragrant light purple flowers in the spring.


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