Ways to Tell That Pruning Is Critical For the Health of Your Tree

Posted on: 27 December 2017

Some people who have recently moved into a property with trees may be under the impression that pruning is only a service the wealthy opt for to ensure that their trees have a uniform appearance. And although pruning can provide a decorative touch to your trees, it actually functions to promote the health of your tree, too! Read this article to learn the various ways that tree pruning could be beneficial for the health and wellness of your trees if you have been neglecting to prune your trees under the assumption that it is an aesthetic service.

Cracks are forming on your trees

There are many reasons why cracks could develop on your trees. Some of the innocuous reasons for cracks include damage from when animals and birds scratch against the tree, which can cause cosmetic imperfections on the bark. However, if the cracks are a symptom of deep-seated problems, such as a fungal or bacterial infection, then it is imperative to have your tree pruned. An arborist will be able to determine the source of the disease and can cut away all the parts of the tree that are affected to prevent the infection from spreading. If you leave this unhampered, you might have to start contemplating tree removal services before the tree falls on its own accord.

Foliage has become overgrown

Some people think that excessive foliage means that their tree is thriving. But the truth is that if your tree has too many leaves on its branches, its overall health could start to deteriorate. The presence of excessive foliage will limit the amount of sunlight that can penetrate the crown of the tree, which means the inner leaves will not photosynthesise at optimum levels. Moreover, too much greenery increases the weight of the branches, making them more susceptible to breaking off. Pruning can be critical to eliminate these risks.

Cankers are developing on the bark

Cankers are tree ailments that could end up compromising the entire health of your tree if it left unabated. When your tree contracts cankers, the symptoms manifest as parts of bark missing from its trunk. The patches in the bark occur because there is decay that is ravaging the tree trunk, which can spread and make the entire trunk unstable. If you would like to save your tree, it is advisable to have your tree pruned as soon as you spot the first cankers that have appeared on the plant. 


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