Tree Stump Removal Methods You Should Know

Posted on: 21 January 2019

Once a tree is cut down, several methods can be used to handle the final step which is stump grinding or removal. To offer the guidance you require, this post will outline the advantages and disadvantages of common methods including some myths and simple fixes out there.

Chemical stump removal

There are various chemicals sold in home and garden centres that are safe and ideal for stump removal. If you choose chemical stump removal, make sure you do your research to pick the right product that suits your needs. Some products make deceitful claims while others are designed for specific species of trees.

Although killing a tree chemically may be a simple option (these products are marketed as such) each product may have a different application method, risks and levels of success. The chemical can be injected in a truck via drilled holes, applied to the soil, sprayed or applied on the tree's fresh wounds. Once the chemical is applied, it may take about six weeks for the effects to show. The product can still be reapplied if the desired results aren't achieved.

This method of removal is complicated, so it should be handled by experts to prevent damage to nearby vegetation. You could end up destroying the vegetation in the entire area if the task is mishandled.

Stump removal by fire

If you choose to remove a tree stump using fire, you will need minimal equipment. However, this procedure can be dangerous and ineffective when poorly done.

To remove a stump with fire, start by drilling large holes into your stump. The next step is to pour fuel or kerosene into the drilled holes. Allow the fuel to sit for about two weeks. Once the period lapses, drop a match stick into any hole. Your stump will smoulder for several days; so, ensure the area is roped off to prevent pets and kids from getting harmed. Confirm with the local council to know if this method is allowed to avoid paying a fine.

Manual stump removal

Compared to chemical use, manual stump removal is an environmentally friendly option. However, hard work is required, especially if the tree was large. You may also need specialised equipment for the job. If a tree was small, you can remove the stump by digging a ditch around it and then use a pickaxe to remove the main root system.

All these stump removal options including other services like tree lopping can be provided by experts so be sure to contact them to get the job done efficiently. Contact a tree removal service today for more information and assistance. 


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