When Should You Hire A Tree Lopping Expert?

Posted on: 22 October 2019

Tree lopping is one of the common ways of removing tree branches. The process entails chopping the branches off to stubs and removing lateral branches that are not essential growth points of the tree. Tree lopping is considered to be an essential aspect of tree care, but it's a more drastic measure. Due to the delicate nature of the work, both to the tree and arborist, the task must be done by a qualified and experienced expert. You also need to understand the rules and regulations before hiring an expert. You may be required to seek permission from the council before proceeding, although most arborists handle this task once you decide to work with them.

When should you seek tree lopping services? Keep reading to know more.

For aesthetic purposes

If you have trees in your compound and you'd like to have control over their appearance, you may consider lopping the branches. Your lopping expert will use numerous techniques to create pleasing shapes that are aesthetically appealing or control the tree's figure. For instance, you may create a shape like 'lion tailing' which entails getting rid of side branches from one branch and leaving the ones that are at the end. This will give you an outstanding fairy tale-like appearance.

To preserve a tree's health

Like other plants, trees also get attacked by fungi and diseases. Tree lopping can help keep the diseases at bay. When the arborist removes the affected areas, it will be impossible for the disease to spread further and cause more damage to the tree. Then the expert will treat the tree, improving its health condition greatly. Tree lopping can also help to ensure that the disease doesn't spread to the nearby trees.

Increasing fruit production

Have you planted an orchard in your compound, or some fruit trees? One way to encourage fruit production, other than providing all the nutrients the plant needs, is tree lopping. When done properly, new spurs will develop, and this increases fruit production in the next season. What's more, diseased and dead branches that make the tree unhealthy will be removed in the process. Your tree will be healthier, and fruit production will increase significantly.

Safeguard the property

Tree lopping also protects your property by preventing accidents. Overgrown trees and branches can become a risk, particularly during heavy rains or storms. If you notice some dead or weak branches that can easily fall off, seek tree lopping services. This will also prevent electrical problems once the branches that interfere with the wiring are removed.

For more information, you can contact a company in your area that offers tree lopping services.


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