Tree Care: 3 Ways That You Can Tell You Have a Sick Tree

Posted on: 12 November 2020

Some of the main benefits of having a tree around the home include providing shade, beautifying the environment and creating a micro-climate full of fresh air. However, trees also need a lot of care and maintenance if they are to maintain healthy growth. Sometimes, extreme weather conditions and pests lead to the trees getting diseases and even dying. If you do not capture the signs that your tree could be sick in time, branches could break off and cause a lot of damage and injuries. 

Here are three common signs that all is not well with your tree and how a tree care specialist can help.

Does Your Tree Have Cracks on the Branches?

When the tree is alive and healthy, all branches are covered well by the bark. The nutrients are transported from the soil through the trunk and to the branches by the phloem and xylem, which are found inside the branch. If the tree starts cracking, it means that the network it uses to feed a branch has broken down. Eventually, the branch will dry up completely because of a lack of nutrients.

Therefore, you should call a tree care expert as soon as you notice cracks on the branches of your tree. They will assess the damage and decide whether the tree can be saved or the branches should be cut off.

Are There Insect Damage on the Leaves?

Trees are prone to periodic attacks from insects. However, there are certain insect species that are foreign, and once they get onto your vegetation, they can cause a lot of damage. If you have tried to use insecticides to manage the damage on your leaves and it is not working, you should think about calling a tree care expert.

Also, if the insect infestation has reached a point where the branches and leaves look blackish, think about getting a tree service expert for a diagnosis and treatment.

Are There Physical Damage on the Tree?

Humans and animals cause a lot of damage to trees. If you accidentally injured the bark of your tree with a lawnmower or you accidentally cut something off during trimming, and the tree is drying up, call a tree service expert.

The expert will check the extent of the man-made wounds and decide whether it can survive or not.

These are a few of the observable signs of a sick tree. Other than that, you can call tree care professionals whenever you feel like your trees need servicing. They will help you maintain beautiful and healthy trees at all times. 


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